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Forklift plastic pallet features

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Update time : 2019-02-12 11:21:00
    What are the characteristics of forklift plastic pallets? The technicians of the plastic tray factory will introduce to you, I hope that our introduction can help you better.
    1. Self-weight: Therefore, the labor used for loading and unloading and transporting the pallet itself is small, and the invalid transportation and loading and unloading are smaller than the container.
    2. It is easy to return to the air, and it takes up little space when returning to the air: because the cost of the pallet is not high, it is easy to substitute each other, and the other pallets are used to offset each other. Therefore, there is no need to have a fixed owner like a container, and it is easier to return to the container than the container.
    3, easy to install: no need to go deep into the interior of the box like a container, after the plate can be bundled, tightly wrapped and other technical treatment, easy to use.
    4. Limited loading: Although the load is smaller than the container, it can also concentrate a certain amount, which is much larger than the combination of general packaging.
    5, poor protection: the protection is worse than the container, open storage is difficult, need to have warehouses and other supporting facilities.
    Through the plastic tray factory technicians to introduce you to the forklift plastic tray features you learned? I hope our introduction can help you better.