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The main factors affecting the price of plastic pallets

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Update time : 2019-05-23 16:44:27
    Often when customers compare the price of plastic pallets, they will tell us why your price is higher than others, why the same plastic pallet is so much higher than the price I bought last time. In fact, the price of plastic pallets is the same as other commodities, and the price will often fluctuate. Especially when the price of plastic raw materials is unstable, the price of the corresponding plastic pallet will also fluctuate. Before purchasing plastic pallets, understand the market conditions, and be aware of the benefits, which will help to save procurement costs. So what are the factors affecting the price of plastic pallets? The following we summarize for you.

    (1) The effect of the weight of the plastic pallet itself on the price of the plastic pallet. In the case of the same size, the same type, and the same material, the price of the plastic pallet will be more expensive than the light weight. Of course, it cannot be said that a heavy-weight pallet is more expensive than a light-weight pallet, because the premise of comparison here is that the unit price can be compared by weight when other parameters are the same.
    (2) The impact of the type of raw materials used to produce plastic pallets on prices. If there are two plastic pallets, one made of old materials, recycled materials, and one piece made of new materials, all other conditions are the same, then the plastic pallets made of new materials must be more than the plastic pallets made of old materials and recycled materials. The price is higher, because their quality and performance are very different. In terms of service life and bearing weight, the plastic pallet made by the new material is obviously better than the old material and the recycled material, so it The price is more expensive, which seems to be a matter of course. Sometimes we will see some plastic pallets in the market. Some materials are added to the new materials, that is, it is not all made of old materials or new materials. New and old materials are available. For plastic pallets, the proportion of new and old materials will affect their prices. From the above, we can give us some inspiration in purchasing plastic pallets. It is to pay attention to the materials used in plastic pallets, and to determine the quality of the materials used. In particular, those plastic pallets that are much lower than the market price are likely to be mostly made of old materials, because the business of losing money is generally not going to be done, so it is not so cheap, so much that it is spent later. More and more money. In addition, the raw materials used for injection molding plastic pallets are usually HDPE and PP, and the price of 100% pure raw material PP is usually higher than that of HDPE. Sometimes it is lower than HDPE, depending on the price of plastic raw materials.

    (3) Since the plastic pallet is also a commodity, its price is bound by the laws of the market. The price of plastic pallets is divided into two aspects due to market fluctuations. On the one hand, the price of raw materials for plastic pallets is affected by market fluctuations; on the other hand, plastic pallets themselves are affected by fluctuations in market supply and demand. When the raw materials for making plastic pallets rise, the corresponding pallet prices will definitely rise. As the raw materials rise, the cost of making plastic pallets rises, and the cost goes up. The price on the market will definitely go up because manufacturers can’t do it. Losing the business. If the plastic pallets supplied in the market can not meet the needs of the current enterprises and reach the point of being in short supply, then its price will rise directly. On the contrary, if the number of plastic pallets on the market is relatively surplus, that is, the demand is not available. So big, then its price will drop, like other commodities, its price is affected by the balance of market supply and demand.

    In addition, the price is also constrained by the laws of the market and also in the particularity of the mold. For example, there are some industry-specific plastic pallets, the size and appearance of which are different from the conventional plastic pallets in the market. The marketability of such pallets is not high, and the sales volume is not large, so manufacturers will allocate the cost of developing design molds to the products. . Of course, if the special mold does not have a suitable substitute, the manufacturer will raise the price appropriately.

    (4) The price of plastic pallets is also affected by the production process, which is the same as other commodities. This is also a manifestation of market rules. In the past, the plastic pallet manufacturing process was relatively backward, and the production efficiency was not so good. Then its price was relatively expensive compared with the time. With the improvement of production process conditions, the production cycle of plastic pallets was shortened a lot, and the efficiency was effectively improved. The price of plastic pallets will drop.

    (5) The price of different plastic pallet specifications is different. The reason is different types of products, the amount of materials used in the products, and the complexity of the process is also different. In short, the more materials used, the more complicated the production process, the more expensive the plastic pallets are. For example, the price of a flat-panel tray is cheaper than that of a grid-like word under certain conditions, because the surface is flat and relatively easy to implement at the time of production, while the surface of the grid is a pattern, and the production process is relatively It is more complicated, and the defective rate will be higher when it is made, that is, the production cost is high, so its price is relatively expensive. Different types of plastic pallet materials are different, under ideal conditions (hypothesis Other conditions, raw materials and production efficiency, have already mentioned the type of heavy plastic pallets, which are more expensive than the lighter weight.